A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting Valentina Portolani, web copywriter and social media specialist from Romagna. We are truly grateful to her for sharing her experience on Facebook, capturing interesting nuances that make her story even more exciting.

Thank you Valentina, we republish your post here.

Still on the subject of ‘nice things’.
By now, it is clear that the realities I prefer are those that are family-run, authentically shaped, where passion and sacrifice come together and create treasures of rare beauty as Fattoria Corte Roeli is.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Roberto and his wife Elisabetta, two extraordinarily courteous people, excellent hosts who as soon as you cross the threshold you can already consider long-standing friends.
Corte Roeli is the result of the renovation of an ancient estate (1500!) that stands along the edge of a historic river course in the Bolognese countryside.
Yesterday’s day was certainly not conducive to discovering the landscape, the fog and rain did not allow me to see the beauty of this place in its entirety, as it is an eco-friendly farm that, among other things, grows products with a low environmental impact.
The farm has five rooms and an independent mini-apartment, a restaurant for guests that, believe me, makes one dream and predisposes one to gluttony.
Excellent raw materials, many home-made products, including some wines and Saba, also known as mosto cotto.
After a rich morning spent with Roberto telling the story of this oasis between Bologna and Ferrara, you forget the reason for the stop and want to know every detail of this wonderful reality.
But it’s lunchtime, and patron Roberto gets to the cooker to make what is one of the best tagliatelle I have ever eaten (and you know whose daughter? I am), a textbook taste of coppa di testa, and a glass of Don Leandro, an excellent sparkling red wine made with the Charmat method from Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes.
If you are on the road, I recommend a stop at Pegola di Malalbergo, you will be impressed by this family and what you will read in their eyes: love, passion, tradition and the desire to carry on a dream that rings true.
What am I taking home?
The desire to return ❤️