Puff Pastry “Sfoglia” Course

At Corte Roeli, in addition to the possibility of staying in its rooms, you can immerse yourself in an environment of total relaxation immersed in the silence of the nature of the surrounding countryside. Guests will be able to try their hand at the puff pastry course, linked to the Emilia Romagna culinary tradition, accompanied by Agrichef Roberto.

The pasta making course, reserved for customers who stay overnight on the farm, lasts approximately 2.30 hours, allows participants to prepare with our “agrichef” as well as “sfoglino” Roberto, the queen of Bolognese dry pasta…… Tagliatella ” ……and the king of Bolognese cuisine …”tortellino”, all rigorously rolled with a rolling pin. Fresh pasta is the queen of Bolognese gastronomic culture. A simple recipe of eggs and flour, which has managed to conquer palates all over the world.

Corte Roeli Farmhouse - Puff Pastry Course

During the course, the tradition, secrets, and tricks of the world of fresh pasta are told, transmitting the passion for an art that has made the history of Bolognese culinary tradition.
At the end of the course, guests are offered lunch or dinner, seated at a table in our 16th century farmhouse.
The dinner consists of a typical starter, the pasta dishes prepared during the course (tagliatelle with meat sauce and tortellini in capon broth) and a typical dessert.
Three wines and a farm-produced grape juice are also served with the dishes:

  • Daidarasparkling white wine – grape variety: Montuni, Trebbiano, Albana and Moscato
  • Don Leandrosparkling red wine – Lambrusco
  • and a “Red Raboso” grape juice.