You will come back whenever you can!

At Corte Roeli you can breathe in the scents of home, the Emilian tradition, good food and flavors of the past.

The quality of raw materials is a distinctive element of our cuisine. We want you to appreciate and know the history and culinary tradition of Emilia-Romagna, through the dishes prepared by Roberto, who with great passion can transmit to each course flavors and fragrances of the excellence of our territory.

Corte Roeli Farmhouse - Roberto in the kitchen

We use fresh ingredients, respecting the seasonality of products, all our vegetables, especially in summer come from our garden and aromatic herbs present throughout the garden, pleasantly enrich our dishes. All first courses that you can taste in our farm, tagliatelle, tortelloni, tortellini, ravioli, are prepared by us with fresh pasta, we mix passion with genuine ingredients.

The kitchen is open, for the guests of the rooms, from Monday to Friday (winter period) and from Monday to Thursday (summer period).

From the land to the table

Quality and freshness characterize our main ingredients

We select the products to bring to the table the dishes that will make you appreciate our delicacies combined with family traditions.

We love to vary every day, preparing dishes strictly with seasonal ingredients using both the products collected in the garden and in our countryside and those selected from other farms in the area we trust, accompanied by wines from our vineyards.

Our cuisine wants to transmit the typicality of the territory in an authenticity that is the result of ancient traditions and love for our land.