Bikes’ excursions in the Bolognese countryside

Agriturismo Corte Roeli is an ideal location walking and cycling lovers. You will find us in the heart of the boundless Bolognese countryside, with a mixed background of paths and asphalt roads.

These areas have become important for the wintering and nesting of numerous species of birds, such as coots, herons, storks, and are dense with irrigation canals and small lakes, ideal for being in contact with nature.

There are many ramifications and destinations to reach on foot and by bicycle. We point out in particular two paths that run along the farm, characterized by a minimum difference in height, suitable also for children. If you are fond of cycling, you can follow them in all their extension.

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Cycle path between Malalbergo and San Pietro in Casale

Type: bicycle route
Road surface: asphalt
Distance: 68,3 Km


Cicle path between Malalbergo and Castel Maggiore

Type: bicycle route
Road surface: mixed
Distance: 78,6 Km