The Corte Roeli farmhouse is an ideal location for lovers of cycling. You will find us in the heart of the green Bolognese countryside, adjacent to long paths, with a mixed ground between paths and asphalted streets.

The most significant route is the Ciclovia del Navile, an itinerary that stretches along the banks of the canal of the same name, from the center of Bologna arriving in Bentivoglio and then continuing to Malalbergo.

This cycle path of ancient origins extends along the Navile waterway: from here in the past, goods, silk and food passed between the city of Bologna and its countryside. If in the Museum of Industrial Heritage (Bologna) you can find the story of that profitable trade exchange between the city and its countryside, it is by immersing yourself in the landscape of the Plain that you will fully appreciate the importance of the Navile. In addition to making you meet ancient hydraulic artifacts, mills, villas and castles and interesting natural oases where you can take a relaxing break, the Navile Cycle Route leads you to discover the hospitality and excellent cuisine typical of the Bolognese Plain.

The cycle path starts in the direction of Bologna from Malalbergo (Fattoria Corte Roeli) continuing along the course of the canal towards the town of Bentivoglio and making small detours you can reach the Oasis La Rizza and the Museum of Rural Life. Continue through the countryside dotted with small churches and ancient villas towards the territory of Castel Maggiore and crossing it you will arrive at the Corticella Bridge already mentioned in documents of the thirteenth century and dating back to 1289.

Continuing along the cycle path in the direction of Bologna you can then admire numerous supports dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, such as the Sostegno del Torreggiani, Landi, Grassi, rebuilt by Vignola, and Corticella, where the first port of Bologna stood, reachable after crossing the Ponte della Bionda.

Along the way, you can also visit the Industrial Heritage Museum which documents the economic-productive history of the city and its territory from the Modern to the Contemporary Ages. At the end of the cycle path you arrive at Porta Galliera Bologna, first passing through Porta Lame, the Sostegno della Bova and, immediately after, the Park of Villa Angeletti.

Cycle path between Malalbergo and San Pietro in Casale
Cicle path between Malalbergo and Castel Maggiore